Customs Brokerage

Our staff at Esquire Express Group has rich experience in performing Customs Brokerage. With our hands-on and experienced team, we are system driven in order to ensure high orders of efficiency. We provide personalized services for our clients and have information connectivity with Customs to ensure quick and hassle-free clearances.

Esquire Express Group has been a customs clearing company in the industry for the past 20 years. Our team is proficient in customs law and procedures to ensure faster clearance and minimum turn-around time. We know that our clients have Production and Sales Schedules to stick to, and our experience at solving Customs related problems allows us to commit reliable and timely service. From completing documents for customs and authorities with high precision to solving different customs problems, we ensure that your shipment passes through smoothly.

At Esquire Express Group, we put our best efforts to clear any given shipments at the earliest possible time. We have close connections to contact persons and our team is spread out in different places around the world to understand and handle conventions of different countries. Our reputation with the local customs authorities and years of service allow us to offer efficient and hassle-free customs clearance services for all types of products, whether by air, sea or land.

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